Hailing from Ukiah, CA, the town that brewed AFI and Tiger Army comes a new sound from former Love Equals Death frontman and songwriter Chon Travis, produced by Chon and Jamie McMann (NOFX, Good Riddance, Lagwagon), and recorded at San Francisco’s famous Motor Studio, Life Atop The Trees will be released on Drop Anchor! Entertainment on June 2.

With 7 releases from his first band Loose Change already under his belt Chon hooked up with Love Equals Death in 2003, the band recorded a four-song EP, 4 Notes on a Dying Scale, for Popsmear Records and started making a name for themselves around the Bay Area. The next release was The Prelude it came out only internationally in July 2005; The Hucklebuck EP released in the U.S. the following month and soon after the band so impressed punk rock icon Fat Mike with their live show that he signed Love Equals Death to Fat Wreck Chords releasing the bands full length "Nightmerica". Through out all of this in, what little down time he had, Chon consistently worked on songs for his future solo project.

Being a solo artist has always been in his plans. In January of 2009 Chon announced his departure from Love Equals Death, the long road Chon had traveled has lead him to this point. "It's the most challenging and mentally rewarding", says Chon about working on his upcoming release, “I'm excited about the possibilities of this solo venture. There are no ceilings or margins and I can't wait to share my interpretation of life with you”. Setting Chon apart from other artists of his generation is his songwriting he has a knack for writing honest hooks and melodies, driving rhythms and organic harmonies that are immediately infectious.